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I haven't really had time to sort completely through the photos and documents yet.

Maybe someday...

To date about the best I've been able to do is keep the photographs with the photographs and the documents with the documents, but beyond that they're pretty much all mixed together. Document file names give somewhat of an indication as to what the image is. Files prefaced with "fc" are funeral cards; "o" indicates an obituary; "ml" - marriage license; "np" - newspaper article; "dc" - death certificate; "bc" - birth certificate; "msc" - miscellaneous, etc... Contents of the zip folders can be viewed before you download. File size is pretty big so consider this fair warning.

If you have any problems click here to e-mail me and we'll try to figure out what went wrong. If necessary I'll send them to you directly.

I am continually adding to this site and the GEDCOM file is updated frequently.

Documents  ~~~   Download   3.25 MB

Photographs  ~~~   Download  1.52 MB

Griffin GEDCOM file  ~~~   Download   206 KB

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