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(Unless otherwise noted, all biographies have been transcribed verbatim from
Bertha K. Wilson's, "The History of the Hickman-Sherer Families")

The Hickman Family
Cornelius Hickman
George Bert Hickman
Mary Hickman
George Henry Martin
Oscar Henry Martin
Georg Theobald Scherrer
Hanss Georg Scherrer
Hanss Nickel (Nickolaus) Scherrer
Hanss Peter Scherrer
Jacob Daniel Scherrer
Catherine Sherer Hickman
Daniel Jackson Sherer
Daniel Jacob Sherer
John Jacob Sherer
Levi Sherer
Cora Jane Walker
John Wesley Wilson
Earl Septimus Griffin

Roote Family Biographical Sketches

(NOTE: Roote Family information compiled by various researchers. Sources included where available.)

Thomas Roote
Thomas Roote # 2
Thomas Roote # 3
Joseph Roote
John Roote
Samuel Pomeroy

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